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Your Glaciera Account

Signing up up with Glaciera’s Free Plan allows you to fully experience our Jewelry 3D Model Marketplace. You can view and shop STL and 3DM files or order rendered images.

  • Navigate to the Registration page.
  • Complete the registration form by providing the following details: Name, email address, and your preferred password.
  • Confirm your password.
  • Click 'Register'..
  • Check your inbox - We will send you an email which you need to click to verify your account. Click on the 'Verify Email Address' button included in the message.
  • Congrats! Now that you’re a registered Glaciera user, login and start shopping!

  • Navigate to the login page.
  • Enter your registered email and password.
  • If you would like to save your password for the next time you login, check ‘Remember me’.
  • Click ‘Sign In’.

You’re now signed in and can enjoy your plan’s features!

If you don’t have a Glaciera account, you can quickly create a free account on the ‘Registration’ page.

When you register with Glaciera, we will send you an email asking you to verify the email address you’ve used in the registration process.

The email will contain a ‘Verify Email Address’ button and a unique verification link.

There are two ways to verify your email address:

  • Click the ‘Verify Email Address’ button. Your email verification will be complete and your account will be active as soon as you are redirected back to our website.
  • If you’re having trouble clicking the ‘Verify Email Address’ button, copy and paste the unique URL at the bottom of the message into your web browser. Again, your email verification will be complete and your account will be active as soon as you open this URL.

Once this is done, you can login anytime to enjoy the full features of our jewelry 3D Model Marketplace.


Trouble with email verification?

If you find yourself experiencing trouble with email verification, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Have you misspelled your email address upon registering? Here’s a useful tip to troubleshoot this: Register again using the same email address, if the registration goes through, then you probably have misspelled your email address in the initial registration.
  • If you don’t see the verification email in your inbox, check your spam or promotion folders.


I still need help, how can I contact Glaciera support?

Verifying your email address certifies that it is active and that you are its owner. The verified email address will be assigned to your Glaciera profile.

Glaciera will use this email address to regularly communicate with you to provide you transactional, product and marketing updates.

If you registered with a fake email address you won’t be able to activate your free account with Glaciera.

If you forgot your password, you can reset it anytime by following these steps:

  • Make sure you’re logged in.
  • On the login or Registration page click on ‘Forgotten Password’.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Click ‘Reset Password’.
  • We will email you a unique password reset link. Click on ‘Reset Password’ button to be redirected to the reset password page.


If you’re having trouble clicking the ‘Reset Password’ button, copy and paste the URL at the bottom of the message into your web browser. Again you. Will be redirected to the Reset Password page.

  • On the Reset Password page, fill your email address, your new password and confirm your new password.
  • Click ‘Reset Password’.

You’re all set! Sign in to your Glaciera account using your new password!

If you wish to delete your account, please reach out to us stating your full name, email address and the reason of account deletion. Our support team will process your request.



A 3D model marketplace focused completely on providing high quality 3D designs in STL , 3DM and rendered image formats. We provide many gem and shape variations per design, which makes finding your perfect piece easy!

Glaciera works with a carefully selected network of CAD designers and jewelry modeling experts from all over the world. We only list high quality jewelry design models; we do the curation so you don't need to.

Navigate to the 3D Model Marketplace page. There, you can filter by:

  • Category: Search results using this filter will include all designs listed under this category. An example of a category: Engagement Rings.
  • Style: To use this filter, select a category first. Search results using this filter will include all the selected category designs of this particular style! An example of a style: Halo Engagement Rings.
  • Gem Shape: Search results using this filter will include all the designs that can be ordered in this gem shape.
  • Gem Size: To use this filter, select a gem shape first. Search results using this filter will include all the designs that can be ordered in the selected selected gem shape & size.
  • Keywords: All products that include your selected keyword in their title or description will show in your search results when you use this filter.

Most of our designs are available to order in STL, 3DM and render image formats.

  • Navigate to the 3D Model Marketplace page.
  • Use the filters to search for the design you need.
  • Click on the image or name of the design you liked. You will be redirected to the design details page.
  • You need to be logged in to your Glaciera account to be able to view the full details of a design.
  • Choose the product you would like to order. Select your product from the list.
  • Choose your design specs including: Ring Size (Available for all ring designs) & main Gem Shape & Main Gem Size (Available for all designs that have a main gem shape).
  • Add to cart.
  • Once you're done shopping, navigate to the Cart page.
  • Click on 'Checkout' to start the checkout process.
  • Complete the secure checkout process by providing your card and other details.
  • Click on 'Pay' to finalize and to process your payment.
  • Once the payment is successfully processed, an email with your invoice will be sent to your registered email address.



Glaciera payment system is powered by Stripe, a secure payment processing platform. Payment methods accepted are:

  • Google Pay.
  • Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard & Amex).


Order Fulfillment

Yes! Glaciera will email you as soon as all the products in your order are available for download.

You can also visit the 'My Orders' page. any time to check the status of your products, those available for download will be labeled with a blue 'download button.


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