Our Mission

Glaciera provides affordable and easy to use tech solutions to streamline a jeweler’s day-to-day business. Our tools are designed to automate your processes and create new growth opportunities for your jewelry business.

Glaciera is focused on improving two critical aspects of your jewelry business: Your work efficiency and your customer engagement


Supporting your jewelry business every step of the way



Every Glaciera tool represents a building block towards creating a seamless experience for your jewelry business and your customers.

We believe there is always a smarter way, so each tool comes as an innovative solution to a jeweler’s challenge. Our innovations are inspired by your everyday business needs.


Our Core Values

Glaciera is created for jewelers. Whether you’re the proud owner of a brick and mortar jewelry shop or an online business, Glaciera Jewelry 3D Model Marketplace and upcoming digital business tools are designed for you.

Un-compromising quality

Affordable and easy to use

Paving the way to success


We are always refining and simplifying our tools so you can focus on what’s important: Meeting your client’s jewelry needs more efficiently!.

Whether using Glaciera Jewelry 3D Model Marketplace to easily filter through hundreds of high quality jewelry design files, or using Glaciera business tools to accurately answer your client's questions and advance client engagement, Glaciera’s core products are always easy to navigate and most importantly, affordable for any size of jewelry business!

Your success is our success. We make sure each file you purchase and every tool you use has first undergone rigorous testing and quality assurance.

Whether it is 3D print testing a design file or using the latest rendering software and techniques to create photorealistic images, we promise to always deliver un-compromising high quality.

On your journey with us, we want to be connected with you every step of the way. We strive to be the catalyst behind your success in the jewelry industry. We are always available to you, so reach out for a chat about anything, anytime!