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Glaciera streamlines jeweler's everyday processes, starting with CAD design. You no longer have to think about which CAD design software to use or how to find an experienced 3D modeling artist for your next project. Our easy to search 3D model marketplace is designed with your jewelry business design needs in mind. We help jewelers like you increase their sales, meet their design requirements more efficiently, cut down on their production costs, and save their time!

✓ Easy-to-search marketplace with filters made for a jeweler.

✓ High-quality jewelry 3D models for cleaner 3D printing and casting experience.

✓ Designs listed cover traditional and custom jewelry styles.

✓ Designs are available to order in STL & 3DM.




This is a jewelry design marketplace for all jewelers of the industry

✓ Traditional retail jewelry businesses (offline store owners)

✓ E commerce jewelry retailers (online)

✓ Jewelry manufacturing retailers

✓ Jewelry wholesalers

✓ Jewelry manufacturers

✓ Independent jewelers (Freelancers)



Benefits of Glaciera



Skip the design process

Save the time you spend recruiting CAD designers, briefing them, and quality assuring their CAD output. Glaciera's easy to use 3D Model Marketplace eliminates the obligation to project manage the jewelry design process. Using our intuitive filters, you can instantly find the perfect STL or 3DM file that fits your customer’s design and budget preferences.



Involve your customers

Your customers do not always know what they want. Entice them from day 1 using photorealistic render images that bring their design vision to life before venturing into jewelry manufacturing. Early customer buy-in ensures client satisfaction on delivery.



Save on physical inventory

With the advances in affordable 3D printing technology and rapid prototyping, it is now easier to avoid physical inventories' pitfalls. Use our CAD files to create 3D printed prototypes that can offer your clients a more tangible and engaging sales experience.



Stay inspired & assured

We stay on top of the latest jewellery design trends to bring you designs in fashion and demand. We also use the industry's latest cad software to create our designs. Whether you need a unique custom or bespoke jewelry design or an engagement ring CAD design with a twist, Glaciera's ever-growing Jewelry 3D Model Marketplace will save you time and will keep you inspired!



What Glaciera offers

The right tools to advance your sales

We developed a jewellery design solution with a jeweler’s business needs in mind. We’ve crafted a user-friendly experience that allows you to deliver on both your project's CAD needs and your business goals from the early stages of your sales process.

Reliable Jewelry 3D Model Marketplace and evolving tools

Each design we add to Glaciera's ever-growing Jewelry 3D Model Marketplace undergoes the highest quality assurance standards. We create our designs using the latest jewelry CAD designer software. The Glaciera standard ensures the smooth jewelry 3D print and casting experience that every jeweler deserves. As we evolve to meet our vision to be the top integrated management solution for jewelry businesses, our marketplace, upcoming tools, and services will expand far beyond design. Join us today and be part of our journey crafting innovative software for jewelry businesses around the world.

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Professional CAD services that give you the ultimate control

Browse our comprehensive collection of wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces, pendants, charms, earrings, and bespoke jewelry cad designs.


Our Jewelry 3D Model Marketplace features various earring styles such as fancy drop earrings, diamond hoop earrings, beautiful studs, and much more. Each earring model features a specification sheet, so you know exactly how much it will cost you to produce.

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Here you will find a curated collection of every necklace design your client could desire; versatile charms, daring chains, and eye-capturing pendants.

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Are you looking for a ring design file? Glaciera offers 3D models available for every ring style you could need! Please browse our extensive listings of 3D model engagement rings, wedding rings, and much more!

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No Learning Curve

Hit the ground running on sign up. We've designed our new jewelry design marketplace to be easy to use and simple to navigate. We provide several support tools to help you maximize your use of the Glaciera software.

We'll make it easier for you to quickly grasp how to use the Glaciera software via a library of video tutorials.

Browse Glaciera comprehensive FAQ library to find your answers in no time. We're continuously growing its content as we add more features and release new products. Make sure you check in now and then.

Reach out to us via online chat and ask us a quick answer. We're happy to talk.

Navigate to our contact us page and fill a form with your comments or questions. Our support team is happy to help.


Be part of our journey

Invest in long-term revenue

Today, making the sale is just one part of the journey. Customers expect jewelers and jewelry retailers to invest in an ongoing experience that stretches far beyond that first sale. Use Glaciera’s unique and easy to use digital tools to keep the conversation going with your customers.